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Can stories become a reality?

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Here’s a person who is extremely happy, healthy, and successful in life. And you know what; he has achieved this not through sheer luck instead he manages to keep a positive attitude in every situation, he's conscious of his purpose in life, his core values are well-defined, spends quality time designing him every goal in life, anticipates beforehand all the hurdles coming his way then make a choice which ensures massive success in every area of his life.

Can you imagine how he can do these with ease? Because he's mentally healthy, expresses himself freely, has developed the ability to stay focused for an extended period of time, manages stress beautifully through relaxation and meditation technique. He is committed to his exercise routine, eats healthily, is filled with energy and vitality because he sleeps peacefully and wakes up fully rejuvenated for the approaching day. He has developed an excellent work-life balance. His family and friends love him for everything that he does. He is the foremost productive man in his community and for his country.


Do you want to live a life like this?

Yes, this powerful story can be yours too.



I CAN assist you ACHIEVE THIS!

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Vipul Trivedi


  • To work together & search for ways to wellness and create an awareness for wellness.


  • Change disease-conscious society to health awareness and re-discovering the joy of life.


  • To re-kindle a flame to live a beautiful life, with a sound mind in a sound body.

  • To realize that, only if we have made it to good health, can we do something in life.  

Dr. Vipul Trivedi - Your Coach truly listens to you. He hears & understand you. Rather than stand above you he stands beside you & with you as an ally. His Agenda is your agenda. He doesn't live with you or work with you, he works for you. You employ him to help find your way through that swamp that impedes your progress.


About Wellness 360°

Wellness 360° is simple but powerfully effective; it offers strategies, exercises, and experiments to conquer uncertainty and to manage your life positively and productively. It’s a journey of self-discovery and growth. It is about assisting you in creating and living your best life possible. It helps you develop individualized strategies for improving your physical health, mental health, lifestyle improvement, and emotional well-being for a higher level of wellness.

Reveal your new self and celebrate your life!

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Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.





Dr. Bhavika, M.B.B.S


Dr. Trivedi is one happy heart. The key towards healing is having a will to heal. he is one of the best I have known so far to help people heal their mind, soul and the body. He creates an environment that one would love to dwell in. I personally seek him for the difficult times, so that he could help me find a way which i possibly can't do it alone. He is one of a gem.


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Siddarth Apartment, B - wing / 104, Jawahar Nagar, Vasna, Ahmedabad - 380007.  |  Tel: 095868 71929

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