FITNESS COACHING - champion training for everyday people

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, Tone-up, Build muscles, prepare for a run or increase stamina, My Online fitness training helps you achieve all your fitness goals.


This may be more convenient for your busy schedule, or it may be ideal for those times when you are unable to get to the gym or are away on business or vacation.


Online personal training is just what you need to stay focused on your workouts, and to ensure your commitment to staying healthy.


Your online training program will consist of goal-specific workouts, created specifically for YOU based on your individual profile including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, medical history, etc.


The weekly training program complete with workout exercise demonstrations, and detailed instructions will be delivered right to your mobile or inbox with everything you need to successfully complete your weekly fitness program.


The training programs are fully printable and are convenient to take to a health club or to train at home. Your progress will be evaluated on a monthly basis and successive progression in your exercise program will be made keeping in mind your fitness goals.


  • Economical

  • Created to increase your personal motivation and ensure that you stick to your program, we offer more individualized attention and information.

  • Luxury to train at your convenience and not around your trainers' schedule

  • Availability of your training program anywhere you travel.

  • Motivational tips and advice

  • Monthly health and fitness-related news and information

  • Diet tips with tasty recipes

  • Ask program-related specific questions and receive timely responses


Included in all Following Online Training Programs:

  • A customized cardio program designed by your certified personal trainer.

  • A customized strength training program designed by your trainer 

  • A customized stretching program designed by your trainer

  • Monthly changes to your cardio and strength programs

  • Goal setting

  • Motivational support

  • Workout log

  • RPE chart

  • Weekly fitness, Diet & nutrition tips from your trainer

  • Unlimited access to your trainer for questions via email 

No matter where you live, I can train you ONLINE for a fraction of the cost of my one-to-one programs!