PERSONALIZED LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION - for optimum health & quality of life

My Health coaching program is particularly suitable for those who are facing health challenges, such as weight loss, stress reduction, the management of chronic conditions, improving diet and exercise, tobacco cessation, addiction, and adjusting to a life-altering health event, like a heart attack, cancer, etc. 


My coaching methods will help you identify your health issues, and encourage you to establish new goals by focusing on self-management and internal motivation for a personal lifestyle change that will focus on self-responsibility by engaging the whole person — body, mind, and spirit.


Your current state of health, be it one of disease or vitality, depends to a large extent on your lifestyle and behavior - what you eat, how you use and exercise your body, how you relax and let go of stress, and how you safeguard yourself from the hazards around you.


This program will guide you to take good care of your physical self, using your mind constructively, expressing your emotions effectively, being creatively involved with those around you, and being concerned about your physical, psychological, and spiritual environments. This makes all the difference in the quality of life! 


If not, then what is stopping you to become the healthiest, fittest, and happiest version of You! 

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