Updated: Mar 15

We often hear it said that it's better to listen to your heart rather than your ... minds by the Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman. The heart knows what is true and real for you. On the roads to success, there are many divided pathways. When we follow our heart on this long and interesting journey, we feel better physically and gain strength to move forward. Our spark and enthusiasm stays intact.

But in every journey, there are logical decisions to be made. The mind is used to finding a thread of logic in everything you do. It all has to make sense. You will be facing plenty of analytical work including simple problem solving, process of elimination and the power of deduction. These are tasks of the mind, but always should be directed by the heart.

There are tons of literature filled with the benefits and perils of making decisions with your heart. What is missing is the mind. The heart has plenty of desire to lead you forward. But it can be blind without the mind as a mitigating force. Think of the heart and mind as an internal checks and balance system for your decision making process.

On the contrary, our physical universe has been revealed to our understanding through logical examination. Virtually everything we know to be true about our Universe is the result of mankind's mind query. But there have been abused and neglected aspects of the human condition for which the mind is also responsible. Without the heart, the mind is an effective yet insensitive tool.

The best decisions take both of these factor into consideration. The goal is to make decisions that bring about a satisfying result. In order to create this, the mind and the heart must both be active, using a combination of choice(mind) and happiness(heart) in the decision-making process.

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